‘Your Colour’ With Olivia Davies



Olivia Davies, Platinum Stylist and Manager of Servilles Mission Bay took the reins for Servilles latest campaign. We caught up with her to get her insights on what the new KP Innosense colour is really about, the inspiration behind the campaign, styling and what makes this range different from anything else we have seen before.

What was the inspiration for the colour and styling?
I wanted to create a very soft natural colour palette to suit each models own individual skin tone, natural colour and personality! For styling I kept the texture quite raw and undone with a hint of 1970s feel that we’re seeing a lot of on the runways at the moment.

What makes this campaign different?
I feel like this campaign doesn’t look like a standard hairdressing campaign and I love that. It has more a more natural and real feel to it and shooting outdoors meant the photos have a beautiful softness to them that you can’t create in a studio.

What products were used?
We are very excited to be the first salon in NZ to get our hands on the brand new colour, KP Innosense by Wella. This is a such a revolutionary new product on the market and it was exciting to be one of the first stylists to work with it. All colours were done using this new KP Innosense range. For the styling we used SP Delicate Volume for body and texture and SP Luxe Oil for smoothness. These products were used to create the undone, 70’s styling on each model in different ways depending on the cut, style and hair type, also they are two of my favorite products at the moment!

Why do you believe colour is so personal?
Colour is so personal because when it looks it’s absolute best is when the colour most accurately suits each client’s own distinctive style and personality. Everyone is unique and that should be reflected in their hair. At Servilles we take into consideration not only the latest trends but our clients skin tone, eye colour, lifestyle and personality. Each client has a choice on what they want their hair to say about them and that makes every style we do unique to that person.

How can one know what colour is best for them?
The best colour for your skin tone is decided by whether you suit warmer or cooler tones or a combination of both. Usually a good indication is to refer to the colours of clothing that suit you best and make you feel good. Eye colour plays a big part in the best colour for you. Personality is important when finding your best colour, do you want to make a statement or do you prefer subtler shades? Your lifestyle, do you have time for maintenance or do want something low key that requires minimal upkeep? At Servilles we do complimentary, no-obligation colour consultations that you can book any day or time. This is best way to sit down and talk to one of our stylists about your colour and what you are looking for in a no pressure environment.

What are your top tips for caring for your hair once you leave the salon?
1. Use a good shampoo and conditioner that has been prescribed to your own colour, type and condition of your hair to ensure it is always in the best condition possible.

2. Use a leave-in conditioning or repair treatment everyday, depending on your own personal hair type, a leave-in treatment will reduce static and frizz, repair damaged ends and keep colour rich and shiny for longer.

3. Use a styling product that will enhance movement and texture. This is a great easy way to achieve versatility within your style to create different looks every day.

What is your favourite part about being a stylist at Servilles?
My favourite thing about being a stylist at Servilles is that I get so many amazing opportunities to work with some of the most talented people in the industry. No two days are the same!