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Spring/Summer Campaign 2017/18 – “Beautiful Punk”

Servilles is proud to introduce its newest Spring/Summer 2017/18 campaign, “Beautiful Punk”. The idea was to start off the day with a really organic shoot, creating as we went. The look on the model with the short hair was inspired by the latest Davines imprinter tool, which was recently created by Angelo Seminara. We wanted to use the imprinter in a completely different and new way, by creating look that was beautiful but slightly punk at the same time. The model’s hair was cut on the day as we wanted to create as we went, so we started the look with no hair and added aspects as the creative process developed organically, changing the look but keeping a very similar theme running through the shoot.  For example, we used coloured hair pieces as earrings, which was a very organic process. It was a wonderful creative day, and our photographer Andrew O’Toole was flying out that night from New Zealand to London, to shoot the next Davines collection by Angelo Seminara.


Hair: Paul Serville and Gail Withers

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

Styling: Victoria Harvey

Makeup: Lockie Stonehouse

Model: Hope (Unique Model Management)