We’re All About That Rose Gold


Rose Gold has truly become the new ‘it’ colour for 2016. Everything from jewellery, hair, furniture, clothing, shoes, home decor and even electronics can be found in this warm and enchanting colour. The colour ‘Rose Gold’ comes from mixing gold alloy in with a copper base, a process known as alloying. The colour is known and easily recognised for it’s warm and inviting copper tones, with a slight pink tinge.

This stunning colour can be found in quite a few different mediums. In hair it comes across as a coppery blonde, it allows people to embrace a more creative hairstyle and to move away from their balayages without going for something as bold as bright pink. In a home decor setting, it is often found in a metallic tone. Copper and brass have been big players in the interior design scene for a while now, however, rose gold has well and truly stolen the show.

Pantone recently announced that Rose Quartz is their colour of the year and Interior Expert, Charlotte Duckworth, has recently been quoted saying “It [Rose Quartz] works equally well as grey at providing a warm, soft backdrop for statement artworks, furniture and accessories and when used cleverly, creates a sophisticated, contemporary look that’s clean and cosy all at once.”

Rose gold, and it’s copper tones, make it a warm and inviting colour, with a hint of youthfulness. It’s versatile, wearable, beautiful and matches any skin tone or interior. The colour appears luxe and understated all at the same time, making it perfect for everyones taste. In terms of fashion, it can be dressed up or down for any occasion and in the home setting, the warmth and luxuriousness of Rose Gold really shines through.

Here are some of our favourite ways to bring a bit of extra warmth through using this romantic blush tone.