SS16/17 Servilles Campaign – Raw


Servilles is proud to introduce its newest Spring/Summer 2016/17 campaign, RAW. RAW is all about exposing the beautiful side of punk. The campaign combines soft and natural beauty, with a touch of punk. The campaign is a collaboration between Servilles and 5x Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Frank Apostolopoulos, and is photographed by Australian Photographer of the Year, Andrew O’Toole.

The campaign was shot over two days, with both days bringing something different to the collection. Day one was a moodier and darker shoot, playing with texture, dark tones and experimental styles, whilst maintaining a raw beauty. The resulting images have mysterious beauty to them.

Day two focused on natural light and beautiful, undone hair with movement. Day two was more of a beauty shoot, with Photographer Andrew O’Toole capturing a natural feeling expressed through the styling, hair and makeup. These striking images almost seem effortless in their beauty.

Frank’s involvement in the campaign bought with it a raw and edgy feeling, and with his creative techniques he introduced the touch of punk, which can be seen throughout the campaign. Andrew’s eye for detail ensured that both the natural and punk themes were exposed, and worked in harmony, without losing its effortless beauty.

RAW is a collection of images that work together to expose natural and raw beauty, with an unexpected touch of punk.


Hair: Servilles Creative team in Collaboration with Frank

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

Styling: Victoria Harvey

Makeup: Jamila Serville assisted by Louise Harford

Models: Libby, Simone, Charlee, Leah and Megan

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