Oh Natural


Categories: FALL 2015 / NATURAL

As seasons progress and beauty slowly regresses back into itself – one thing that is becoming more and more obvious is the embracing of natural beauty that is specific to ones own self. Face changing makeup has taken the backseat to something more intrinsic on amplifying the natural features of the model. And hair is following in the same direction.

This Fall 2015 that wrapped just a few weeks ago in Paris, solidified this new direction with a lot of designers choosing to let their models stick to their natural locks. No extensions were used and girls with naturally thicker hair were encouraged to keep their hair. It didn’t effect the designers vision or message – if anything it is a step in the right direction where fashion can be pro – individuality instead of a purely surface level trend based ideology.

At Servilles we believe in the same notion and are glad to see the rest of the industry encourage the same values.

Go natural!