Achieve Curl Definition with Wella SP Luxe Oil



Bad hair day? We all have mornings where the blow-­wave we tried to give ourselves looks lifeless and our ends are feeling staler than week-old bread. For a quick pick me up try Wella SP luxe oil. Without the price beating you down, it is a luxurious product great for taming your mane quickly and efficiently. It comes with a yummy vanilla scent that lasts all day and won’t grease your hair up as most oils have the reputation of doing.

We wouldn’t go all out and apply it everywhere, though, do as our hair stylists always say, “apply on the last third of your hair only.”

If you have curly hair this is also a bonus as it will provide your locks with fabulous curl-definition. You can apply it to your hair at the beginning of your train ride and twist your fingers through your hair so by the time you are making that last stretch to work -­ you will have smooth, natural curls. Say hello to your mornings! Available at all Servilles Salons.

Image features Taylor Tomashill.