Wired Form Lights – Lighting Design


Lighting design has become a topic of interest lately with the rise of wired form lights.

Corded lights are statement pieces in themselves. The carefully designed cord forms part of the overall composition, allowing the lights to respond flexibly to interior spaces. They have very simple and versatile designs which allows them to look wonderful in both minimalistic decors and modern and contemporary homes alike.

Corded lights portray an amazing sense of discipline. The cord not only connects the light to its power source, at times across great distances, but also divides the landscape it’s in. Every part of the cord has importance and has been designed with intent, the cord is a tool used to divide the rooms landscape. Corded lights also answer, in a effortless and poetic way, the problem of where to put lights when electricity points are always where you least want them to be.

For your next lighting design project, add a statement piece that speaks volumes and use corded form lights.

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