Karen Walker – Transformations


Karen Walker has released what first appears to be a creative beauty shoot on the surface, but is in fact so much more. The face of the campaign is Karen herself, portraying a multitude of personalities. The campaign explores just how transformative one pair of sunglasses can be, by creating an array different personas. Karen explained that the campaign is about considering the different guises all of us choose to share with the world, and has said that it reflects her own life in the need to be “more than one woman” on a daily basis.

With a classic hollywood style, invoking Artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol, the campaign uses an array of wigs, makeup, and glasses to create Karen’s alter egos. Karen explains, “The characters we created represent the heightened reality you feel when you put on a new pair of shades.”

From country star, to biker girl, to red haired vixen, Karen Walker pulls of these looks with flare. Our personal favourite however, has to be the glamourous blonde curls that she is sporting with her One Star Crystal Clear glasses in silver.

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