INFLUENCER: Gretchen Albrecht



Since the 1970s, Gretchen Albrecht has been producing alluring, entrancing artworks that show off a unique style. Recognised as one of New Zealand’s most prominent painters, her definitive expressionist style has us falling utterly in love with her work.

You can instantly recognise a painting of Albrecht’s by the deep colours that sweep across the canvas and her classic use of the horizon and egg-geometry, using these shapes to reference nature and geometry.

Taking inspiration from the landscape, Gretchen Albrecht kicked off her career with her poured acrylic canvas paintings with pigments washing over the canvas in different sections, slightly bleeding into each other. The hazy edges of colour that slightly sinks into one another has us completely captivated and make for beautiful abstractions.

Her current show at Wellington’s Te Papa is a necessary destination if you’re down for the University holidays or having a weekend in the capital any time soon.