Sean Yoro – HULA


Sean Yoro, aka Hula, is a self taught Artist who went from Street Artist to widely known and appreciated Painter when his unique water murals became widely publicised in 2015. Growing up in Honolulu, Yoro spent most of his time surfing until late in his twenties when he discovered his love for graffiti and tattooing. He then went on to explore painting with oils and found his niche.

Using the alias Hula, Yoro likes to ‘paint things on things’. Using solely oils as his medium, Yoro has made a name for himself by painting his eerie murals on often isolated buildings and locations. Hula strives to bring life to empty spaces, often working on shipwrecks, abandoned docks and forgotten walls; many of his works also interact with the water. Painting off his paddle board, which also doubles as a studio, Yoro focuses on painting realistic women and his work can be found all over the world, including our very own Mount Maunganui.

One of our favourite things about this Artist is his use of ice as a canvas. Teaming up with both North face and Cannes Lions Film Festival, Yoro has used ice in more than one instance. Creating a work of art on a melting canvas creates some unforgettable, and breathtaking pieces. Hula also ensures he uses non toxic paints, making him a crowd favourite.

Catching the attention of major publications and media outlets such as CNN, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and Daily Mail, Hula is one Artist you don’t want to miss.

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