Prada Olfactories, the amazing images and video


Prada have released a new series of scents called Olfactories and we think they are amazing. While we love the Prada Olfactories scent, we are also already smitten with the imagery that’s been created to introduce them. Each fragrance is represented by a collage that captures it’s personality. With mastermind, Daniela Andrier explaining “the idea with Olfactories was to make a chemical collage, for each scent to evoke a flash of different images, like those that that come to you in dreams. It’s like when you wake up from a dream and you have a very strong impression of something that happened and, even if you can’t keep that image with you, it can paint your whole day and give you something you can’t put a name to.” We totally get it and we totally love it. Please come before Christmas!

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