Hair salon come Airbnb in Bryon Bay


Our friends over the ditch at Edwards & Co hair salon in Byron Bay have done a complete revamp on their space which now boasts an Airbnb rental home too!

A hair salon and Airbnb conjoined are not your usual mix, however Instagram famous salon Edwards & Co have created the perfect harmony between the two and what better spot for it than the coastal surfing town of Byron Bay. Byron Bay itself is enough to bring in the crowds, but with beautiful accomodation like this on the rise, the fact that it is a hot spot can not be argued with.

The industrial loft style property provides the ultimate beach style living with it’s large open spaces, timber, concrete and linen interior and it’s beachside location. Providing the perfect home away from home for your next beach getaway.

We wouldn’t leave it too late to secure your booking either, this Airbnb is in high demand and we’re not sure if it’s the cool interior or the accessibility of having great Edwards & Co styling your entire holiday.

Book here8dedb119-b5b6-47f6-8689-eb0db41a897a63ddc10b-b64b-43da-b903-b0a37880316873f11ccf-661b-42b4-9edc-c38500f9f32b22525e83-f120-4a28-8383-6b3b068040df94284fbb-a706-45f2-ac8d-669534d7f47aa30485cc-3ffc-4037-b5f1-e5e32208ef7bb4a0eadc-8287-44f9-a1c6-63ca01dc085fe90985a1-c61a-4fe6-8416-a2a1faedc6c2e9325229-2219-4d83-8d42-81d222a1c4e5fb4c4c7c-8fcf-46a0-860d-69ed0a603757 or to see more, go here

Why we would choose this Airbnb over a hotel?

If the wall art doesn’t sell you alone, Airbnb’s like this beautiful spot give you more freedom than traditional holiday accomodation like hotels. They act as a home away from home with all the comforts and amenities, allowing you to entertain, relax and just do what you want, when you want on your holiday.

If you don’t want to stay at the beach all day then you can come home to your apartment, lounge in the sun on the balcony with a glass of wine and a cheese board or if you don’t feel like dining out that evening you can start preparing dinner with samples of local produce. With a traditional hotel, going back to the confined spaces with minimal private outdoors areas doesn’t seem like the relaxing holiday that you would want in Byron Bay nor does it let you slow down and go at your own pace.

So we pick this one!